Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Smart Parenting was held in SDN 4 Sidogedungbatu On Saturday April 20th, 2013. Nearly 100 parents of students attended grade 4, 5 and 6 that recenty was built. Many of them had to stand because they did not get chairs. They had desire to come whereas weather was too hot; they hoped to find out insight into education particularly for their children in home. This is evidence the parents in Gili Island had provided educational care for their children.

In addition to the parents who was dominated by women, the school committee, Mr. Jumairi, also attended that event. What he had done was a good action for the parents where everyone had to have sincere intender to develop education in Gili. The other amazing person was Mr. Saifullah, a teacher of SDN 4 Sidogedungbatu. He was one of the lecturers in that event whereas he was not ready before. He said he was not confidance but I always urged him to become speaker and I was not wronghe looked the great speaker.

In fact Mr. Saifullah explained his subject well. This case indicates that we are offen in a hurry to say we can not stand to do something but actually we can do that. Some instances of our faultless perception are that we feel not be able to lecture our children, not be able to teach well, not be able to create business, and others. If we try to reach our dreams, we will find the good ways. So, do not say again that you can not get your dreams before you attempt to try your planning.

In his subject, Mr. Saifullah said that home is the smallest community in our life. A husband should collaborate with his wife to develop their good family since the right intention to marry.

Education of the child begins in a family. The parents must always pray to Allah SWT and make sure that their job is clean so that money and food as result of their job are blessed. It is really important yet food which is not clean will make soul of person who eats it confused. Rants in front of the children should be avoided because what the parents do will be obeyed by their children.

Mr. Wahyuddin MY as the second speaker got the turn to presentate the subject about“creating the winnable child in home”. In his explanation, Mr. Wahyu said that all children were born to become the winners. They deserved to be success with their uniqueness. We must not make them become the class star if their real abilities support them to become the field or stage star. The children, not the winner in the class, do not indicate that they are stupid. Perhaps they have other abilities. There are many abilities of the people: musical, linguistic, kinetic, audio-visual, mathematical, intrapersonal, interpersonal, natural and spiritual ability.

The dreams of all parents are to have the virtuous and smart children but in reality some of them have the stupid, delinquent, impolite and lied children instead. The parents must not blame their children but they must correct themselves. Perhaps these problems are caused by the parents who are too busy and temperamental, always rant in front of their children, and give forbidden fortunes. Moreover it is caused by the children who offen get negative influence from their friends.

So, the parents must support their children based their abilities and potentialities. If they like playing football, do not worry because maybe in the future they will become the chairman of PSSI. The parents must also provide environment and opportunity for their children to optimaze their potentialities.

And those who say, "Our Lord, grant us from among our wives and offspring comfort to our eyes and make us an example for the righteous. (Al-Furqan: 74)

Your wealth and your children are but a trial, and Allah has with Him a great reward. (Attaghabun: 15)

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