Sunday, 3 November 2013


There are many problems about education in Indonesia—curriculum, teachers, budget, infrastructure, facilities, and the others—teachers are the most important among those problems. It is caused that teachers stand in front of the class to educate the students. Therefore, we must mobilize our teachers for better education.

The better quality of teachers, the better process of learning. The better process of learning, the better quality of the students.

Unfortunately, the quality of the teachers is not as good as our expectation. Many of them teaching in the class  have been using conventional teaching methods such as teacher-centred teaching, violent punishment, low motivation, and many more.

The problems above must be solved, nevertheless something important is the strong willingness of the teacher. Each teacher must improve the quality as professional teacher. 

Catatan ini dibuat sebagai metode peningkatan kemampuan bahasa inggris saya. Jika ada kesalahan struktur dan pemilihan kata, harap dimaklumi. Saya lebih senang lagi jika anda memberikan masukan untuk memperbaiki kesalahan tersebut.Thanks!

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