Sunday, 23 February 2014


When learning English in Pare, I was very disappointed in myself. I felt that I wasted  away of my 3-month learning. It was caused that I wished rapid progress of my English skill. My expectations were that I could fluently speak and write English and then get high score of Toefl. Expectation had been guiding me.

But today I know that I was wrong about that disappointment. I aware that I went to Pare with bad English skill: I did not have confidence, could not write, and did not understand English grammar. Ironically I have a big expectation: expert in English language in short time. It is impossible.

I know this situation after I come back to my city, Makassar. Of course my English skill is not yet very good if it is compared to my friends who early understand English language. But according to my self evaluation, I significantly differ from before going to Pare. Now, I can speak and write a little English, get Toefl score more than 500, and understand a little grammar. I am better than before.

But not only about English skill gotten in Pare. While there, I was learning about concept of English course. I learned how to found the course and how to be an English teacher. Now in Makassar, I brave to teach some people. This make me happy.

Another skill which I get in Pare is how to cultivate mushroom. This is the important skill for me because I like mushroom. Now I am cultivating mushroom spore which I bought in Kediri. If I succeed, I will teach my people in my villages. Majority of them are still poor because they just depend on some kinds of agricultural plants. They are in difficult financial situation if their harvest is not good. Mushroom can be used as an alternative plant.

I muse about what I can do now. I am writing, reading and teaching English; and also I am learning to cultivate the mushroom. All of those are the great achievement. A lesson which I get is that not expectation, but patience and gratefulness to the God which guide us. We will never aware of what we have without them.

Speaking exercise with Mr. F

in front of Elfast, my English Course


The members of Dynamic class and Miss Tika, our teacher

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