Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Effects of Teacher Experience on Earning

source of graph: http://blog.columbiasocialenterprise.org/?p=1113

The graph shows the effects of teacher experience on earning from 2000 to 2006. The teacher is divided with two categories. Those are teacher experience in nine or more than 9 years and less than 9 years.

In 2000, salary of those teachers is approximately 6.000 dollars. In this year, wage earning of students of teacher experience above 9 years is lower than those of teacher experience under 9 years. The earning effects of two kinds of the teachers increase in six years later, but in the middle of 2002, earning effects of the teacher experience above 9 years is higher than the one. This condition is constant until 2006. In this year, gap of earnings effects is larger. Teachers who have experience below 9 years bring less 924 dollars than earning which is caused by the teachers having experience over 9 years (16.000 dollars).

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