Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The significant factors that have influenced my educational development.

Organization was the main factor which influenced my educational development. It played an important role in myself advancement. There I learned about leadership skills such as gaining commitment, initiating action, decision making, problem solving, negotiation, public speaking and resilience. And with organization, I have many friends. Friends for me are people who can help me, teach me, and correct my mistakes.

The challenge as an organization member was how to manage my time as a university student and many students in my university who were active in organization had low GPA, long study, and no achievement. It made them “be hated” by lecturer or campus bureaucrat. For those reasons, I reduced my sleep time to get enough time for study and also I attended much competition. The results were that I got much achievement, visited all provinces in Java Island, had GPA 3,74 and of course my lecturers and campus bureaucrat often praised me. I shown that a student could be success in academy and organization at a time.

Another factor was scholarship and competition grant. They were very important to me because I did not come from a rich family. Money was just sent to me Rp. 400.000 per month. It was not enough for cost of living in Makassar City. With scholarship and grant, I could help my family finance. But to get them, I had to be eligible and took competition with other students. That condition forced me to study hard so that my knowledge was improved.

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