Saturday, 13 December 2014


Job satisfaction is essential factor for people who spend their time as workers particularly when they are adult. I would argue cause which affect job enjoyment and then discuss realistic expectation for all workers to feel satisfied.

There are several indicators which can be used as reference in reaching job pleasure. First, the occupation should earn adequate money for employees because they have burdens such as living cost, accommodation, and recreation fee for both themselves and their families.  Money is sole good to pay all of these needs. In addition, ideal job is work that provides a course for the workers to contribute much to their society. Psychologically, humans feel delighted while they are beneficial for other people. Finally, job would satisfy the individuals if the job empowers them to enhance their knowledge and skills because humans have curiosity in which they need new knowledge, skills, and experience especially to support their routine activities.

To cater these factors, employers must ensure that their employees earn enough salaries. It can be undertaken with conducting research regarding appropriate wage for staff. Moreover, owner and top managers should organized a compulsory programs to provide employees opportunities in developing their skills and enriching their knowledge, including dedicating themselves in society. For instance, companies can arrange scholarship and social service program held annually. Meanwhile, government as a ruler in economic policy should make sure by legislation that employees get this condition.

To conclude, there are three points to reach jab satisfaction: adequate wage, social contribution, and skill development. Employers and government have to work together to apply these indicators.

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