Saturday, 13 December 2014

Students who are noisy and disobedient should be grouped together and taught separately. Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer.

Everyone is born as a special one in which an individual is different from the others with regard to the physic, mentality, spiritual, intelligence, and many more. It is why in a school, teachers often come across noisy and disobedient students. Although they often disturb learning process, in my opinion, grouping or separate teaching is not the best measure.

There are several reason why many people including erudite persons believe that to optimize the learning process, bad students should be grouped and taught separately. First, the pupils like that disrupt the process of teaching. For example, disobedient do not commit homework from their teachers so that they do not afford to reach the minimum standard of score. This situation bring about dilemma of the teachers; whether or not they give minimum mark to students in order to move to the next grade. Second, bad pupils always interrupt other learners so that they become not concentrated to study. Therefore, the best way to save the good students is teaching bad students in another place.

In the other hands, separate class result in drawbacks both for students and for teachers. Indeed, this measurement would make fine pupils study conveniently yet conversely, the class of poor pupils would be worse. It is caused that there are many disrupted pupils in the same room. As a result, the teachers should devote much time and energy to solve this problem even less they have two classes to teach. In addition, another shortcoming of this method is that learning become not fair among the students because there are different action that would be taken by the teachers between these groups. For these reasons, I strongly believe that separate room is not the right choice for this case.  

In conclusion, the teachers must educate both discipline and noisy students in one shared classroom. The teachers must always improve their creativity in teaching so that they are able to inspire their students. Pupils can forget what they have heard, but they never forget what they have felt.

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